i want to change the social media icons from pintrest to instagram. So there is no way to edit it? My template is 51352

----Nick Mccolloch

What would you recommend for a HTML template that has similar home slider?

--- Vladimir

Thank you so much. Everything works great.


Could you help me change the language code of this template to German?


I have purchased a few templates from your site. All work so well. Will buy more.


Website Themes TutorialHere you can find some useful tutorials and skills about web templates and web design.

Microsoft Office 365 Home LIFETIME Account Subscription 5 Users Windows/Mac

Microsoft Office 365 Home LIFETIME Account Subscription 5 Users Windows/Mac
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Only $ 4.99!  Delivery within 24 hours on weekdays, but always as soon as possible       Microsoft Office 365 - 5 Devices For Windows / Mac & Mobile This is a BRAND NEW, 100% GENUINE l ...

Free Download Revolution Slider Module for Prestashop 1.6.x

5 Vote

Here is a free download Revolution Slider Module for Prestashop 1.6.x download link: Features: CSS Transitions with jQuery FallBack Fully Responsive (Optional) & Mobi ...

How to Make the Contact Form Work?

3 Vote

For template number below 51000 To make the contact form work, you need to edit js/TMform.js or js/sForm.js or bat/MailHandler.php. Find ownerEmail:'#' Replace # with your own email address. For te ...

Ornament Your Website with a Professional Home Page Slider -- Free Download

1 Vote

Here is a professional slider for free download, which can be used on your website. Downloadl ink: Basic usageThis is a one-file HTML template to build slides in HTML5 and CSS3.templa ...

Codes of Return to the Top

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Here are several Return To The Top codes.   [a href="javascript:scroll(0,0)"]Top[/a] ================== functionpageScroll() {window.scrollBy(0,-10);scrolldelay=setTimeout('pageScroll()',100);} [ ...

How to Redirect All Web Pages to New Domain

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You may move your site to a new domain and want to redirect all old pages to new domain. Here is the code. Put it to your .htaccess file.   RewriteEngine onRewriteCond %{http_host} ^ ...

CSS Compatibility for Different IE Versions

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You may notice same web codes display different layouts in different IE versions. So here is the Compatibility Table of IE versions.  

How to Insert a Video into Your Web Page

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You may want to embed a video into your web page. It's easy to do so. Add following codes.   [embed    src="sample.wmv"  width="640" height="480"                    autostart= ...

How to Prevent Your Website Being Copied

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To prevent your site content being copied, you can add copyright info to your site content via following js codes.   [script type="text/javascript"]   document.body.oncopy=function(){   eve ...

Tips to Make Your Web Page Display Correctly in All Web Browser

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To make your web page display correctly in all browsers and pixel resolutions,you may try following codes. html{  height:100%;  }     body{  height:100%;  text-align:center;  } main co ...

10 Principles of Web Design

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1. Optimize images for better page load speed Although it has been in the use of broadband, but still it was a dial-up Internet access. In addition, although the popularity of mobile devices and tech ...

The Benefits of HTML Website

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HTML Website can be easily indexed by search engine. HTML is the basis of building a website. It does not need database. To modify the site, you need to directly edit template files. Here are the adva ...

Recommended Web Design Tools

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Color Palette Generator Web 2.0 Color Scheme Generator It can be used to easily generate a Web site color theme or to select good trim and accent colors for your home decorations.   Favicon Gener ...

Web Design --- Good-looking VS Useful

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    Undoubtedly, companies need a professional website to attract customers. This does not mean that companies need to be very ornate or very fancy visual elements to reflect a professional image. ...

Proper Color Scheme Will Make Your Site Pleasant To Viewer

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Color is a strange thing, it is beautiful and rich, it can evoke perception of the human mind. Generally, red is the color of fire, passion, unrestrained; also the color of blood, can be a symbol of l ...

How to Automatically Switch Website Language to Viewers'

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You may notice some website can automatically change their language to viewer's browser's language. So how to do so? It needs PHP script codes.   [?php  error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE);  pre ...

How to Make Your Icon Floating on Your Web Page

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To make icon float on the page, you need the JS codes. Here is an example. [script type="text/javascript"]lastScrollY = 0;function heartBeat(){var diffY;if (document.documentElement && docume ...

How to Save the Image Files in PNG Format with Transparent Background

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In photoshop, if you have a transparent background image, you can go to File-->Save the image as web format--->Save. Then you will get a PNG image file.

Change the Shape of Mouse Cursor via CSS

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Here are some mouse cursor CSS attributes:   defaulttextautopointer,hand(only in IE)movenot-allowedno-dropwaithelpcrosshairn-resizes_resize w-resizee-resize nw-resizesw-resizene-resize se-resize ...

CSS Drop Down Menu

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*{ margin:0px; padding: 0px; } #nav { font-family: arial, sans-serif; position: relative; width: 390px; height:56px; font-size:14px; color:#999; margin: 0 auto; } #nav ul { list-style-type: none; } #n ...